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The Anachronist

As most readers know, an anachronism is an element of a story that does not belong to the period in which the story is set.

Sparrow, whose origin (and birthdate) remain a mystery, is an anachronism; he definitely does not belong in the time periods of any of these stories. Even if he felt at home in any given era, his next story would almost certainly occur in a different setting.

But more than that, Sparrow is THE ANACHRONIST. Simply by being both an influential element of these stories as well as their narrator, he creates (whether intentionally, or by accident) additional elements that are inappropriate to the time and place.

The Anachronist warps the very environment around him, in subtle ways, just enough to make his audience question the setting of the story.

Have you spotted any of the anachronisms in these books? Read them with a careful eye, lest Sparrow deceive you...

Kairotic Adventures

KAIROTIC MOMENT: The turning point, the crucial period; the defining moment.

When Sparrow isn't traveling through time to find his next story, he can often be found in the present day, experiencing a new twist on relatively contemporary issues.

These stories take place in a time very much like our own, and in a world very much like our own. In fact, the audience could be forgiven for believing that these stories are actually happening, or have just recently happened, or will soon happen.

The storyteller probably believes the same.

Novelty Novels

As some readers have discerned, Sparrow got his start in a fantasy role-playing campaign.

That campaign gave Sparrow not only his endearing personality and characteristic compulsive lying, but also a background with exceptional depth and breadth.

Through the course of more than a dozen adventures, he picked up mystical abilities, magical souvenirs, and associates who were more often unfriendly than not.

This campaign also took place in a unique world with fascinating legend and lore. If this strikes your fancy, we're sure you will enjoy Sparrow's Novelty Novels!

Speculative Stories

Since Sparrow is a fictional character, it would be remiss of him not to explore a few pseudo-scientific possibilities.

Follow our favorite liar and storyteller as he pushes the boundaries between the possible and impossible.

About The Author

E.L. Haines reads all the time, and writes so that you can read. He travels the world, ignoring the usual boundaries of space and time, collecting stories, which he loves to tell almost as much as Sparrow himself does.

He has visited more than 25 countries in person, and perhaps more than a hundred in books.

He has also time-traveled to more than 40 different years in history. We won’t tell you exactly which ones.

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