Kairotic Adventures

KAIROTIC MOMENT: The turning point, the crucial period; the defining moment.

When Sparrow isn't traveling through time to find his next story, he can often be found in the present day, experiencing a new twist on relatively contemporary issues.

These stories take place in a time very much like our own, and in a world very much like our own. In fact, the audience could be forgiven for believing that these stories are actually happening, or have just recently happened, or will soon happen.

The storyteller probably believes the same.

Carried Away

In the midst of a deadly global disease, sometimes it's hard to say which is worse: the pandemic, or the pandemonium.

Sparrow is visiting Italy, just trying to enjoy a decent pizza, when the locals start dropping dead from a mysterious disorder. Soon, he's caught up in rampant rumors, a panicking population, and a competition to find the cure.

All the while, he's fighting off ferocious felines and defending himself from hospital patients who are definitely not zombies. Zombies aren't real.

But cats are real. And you'll never look at Whiskers the same way again.

You can't spell catastrophe without C-A-T.

Shaken & Stirred

Everybody knows that drinking often leads to trouble. Nobody expected it to lead to actual terrorism.

While cruising around the opulent Arabian peninsula, Sparrow innocently orders a top-shelf margarita that happens to be a top-secret coded signal. Here's the twist: the two secret agents on board accept this as proof that he's one of them.

Now Sparrow might have a lot of secrets, but he's no secret agent. His only goal is to save the ship from terrorists before that secret is spilled.

But the mission turns sour when two high-profile terrorists capture both of the real agents. So Sparrow needs to shake things up. Stir up trouble.

Can our diminutive drinker save the day? It's worth a shot.

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