See what other critics are saying about the Sparrow books!

Reviews of Stranger Back Home (a 2021 SPFBO Semi-Finalist!)

"Haines once again addresses real life social issues in a humorous yet thought provoking manner." Author C. Borden, at World of Mythnium.

"I liked the storytelling and the fantasy elements, and was intrigued by the secrets in the story..." Thiala Baliles, at MyBookishLife.

"I never tire of reading about Sparrow's adventures, and this book only succeeded in making me hungry for more." Lisa Binion, at Lisa's Writopia.

"What an explosive beginning to our self-published fantasy summer special!" Kaya, at Kaya Reads (YouTube)

"The world building is is done well and the writing is beautifully descriptive..." Lou, at Bookmarks & Stages.  

"But is it fun? You bet it is. There's a lot of wild fantasy concepts thrown around in a bizarre mishmash that becomes a thing of beauty. The language is crisp and tight and has occasional glimmers of Pratchett ." G.M. Nair, at BeforeWeGo.

“It obeys every rule of classic storytelling while presenting elements that root it deeply in our own world. The main character is witty, smart … I doubt you'll feel bored in Sparrow's company.” Author Ginevra Mancinelli, at

“Out of the gate, the worldbuilding is fantastic… a really immersive and rich new world that lets the character of Sparrow shine to his fullest.” Huw Steer, author of The Boiling Seas.

“Sparrow is a little bundle of loveable chaos…[this book] wants the reader to have fun, and invites him to get lost in this immersive, topsy-turvy world.” Kris, at The Fictional Escapist.

Reviews of Carried Away

"The story moves fast but smooth, easily including you in the journey... I chuckled several times throughout the book." Author C. Borden, at World of Mythnium.

"The entire book was thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't read the pages fast enough...I highly recommend this book, especially if you, like me, are a cat lover." Lisa Binion, at Lisa’s Writopia.

"I love the way the author used cats in this story... I also found some of the medical parts  of the book to be very interesting." Thiala Baliles, at MyBookishLife.

"I loved how everything was connected. At some point, I felt I was watching the Netflix series Dark." Yara, at The Book Addict.

"There is something beautiful, yet organic about the descriptions, that enriches what readers and characters are seeing. It's a brave book, that is well considered with a truth about it and is highly topical..." Lou, at Bookmarks & Stages.

“I enjoyed the author's sarcasm… At times, the reader will think that this book is a documentary about a pandemic.” Raghda, at Train Of Thought.

Reviews of Lucid Drinking

"Episodic Sleep Disorders was quick, intriguing, dark mystery with vivid description and eerie setting. I recommend this book to fans of short stories." Yesha, at Books Teacup and Reviews.

"Short but vivid and some parts were really trippy... if you like the movie director Tim Burton you might like this book." Thiala Baliles, at My Bookish Life.

"An ominous shadow lingers in the background of every page." Lisa Binion, at Lisa's Writopia.

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