The Fantastic Stranger Trilogy

In which Sparrow travels back to the fantasy world of his own origin…

Stranger Back Home

One day, your father is a renowned diplomat. The next day, he's an infamous terrorist.

When Sparrow is summoned to the reading of his father's last will and testament, the most he hoped for was a minor bequest. Instead, he inherited suspicion and accusations from the Empire that his father helped unite.

Locked away in a vault are the secrets that will reveal Xavier DuMont's mysterious past and shine a light on Sparrow's future. Perhaps even the future of the entire realm.

Of course, these secrets won't be obtained easily. Especially when everyone in this magical world seems so casually racist.

Social dynamics in this world were already pretty strange. Somehow, Sparrow makes everything stranger.

Stranger Chasing A Tale

Coming soon!

Full-color, high-definition maps

If you’re curious about the locations mentioned in the Fantastic Stranger books, and dissatisfied with the images shown on your e-reader, check out these enhanced images!

The Prequel

The short stories that started it all.

Storytelling With Confidence

All Sparrow wanted to do was drink and tell stories, until his best friend robbed the richest family in town. Now he is lying, manipulating, and framing other people for his crimes.

From storyteller to swindler in three acts.

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