Where there's a will...

I want to be in it.

Read the explosive beginning to The Fantastic Stranger series, wherein Sparrow is mysteriously summoned back to his whimsical homeland to honor his enigmatic father's final requests...

One day, your father is a renowned diplomat. The next day, he's an infamous terrorist.

When Sparrow is summoned to the reading of his father's last will and testament, the most he hoped for was a minor bequest. Instead, he inherited suspicion and accusations from the Empire that his father helped unite.

Locked away in a vault are the secrets that will reveal Xavier DuMont's mysterious past and shine a light on Sparrow's future. Perhaps even the future of the entire realm.

Of course, these secrets won't be obtained easily. Especially when everyone in this magical world seems so casually racist.

Social dynamics in this world were already pretty strange. Somehow, Sparrow makes everything stranger.

Currently available in paperback, e-book, and premium hardback!
Soon to be available in audiobook!

Premium Hardback

Beautiful glossy dust jacket includes full-color maps on the inside flaps!


For those who value the story more than the book.


To add to your Sparrow bookshelf collection.

What fantasy fans think of Stranger Back Home:

"The worldbuilding is fantastic, the quality of the prose is excellent. There are some scenes that are so fantastically described – notably the ‘stabby tango’ (you’ll know when you get there) – that it was genuinely like watching a film inside my head."
- Huw Steer, author of The Boiling Seas
"But is it fun? You bet it is. There’s a lot of wild fantasy concepts thrown around in a bizarre mishmash that becomes a thing of beauty."
- G.M. Nair, author of Duckett & Dyer: Dicks For Hire