Cogito Ergotist Sum

Read Sparrow's harrowing investigation into the historic Strasbourg Dancing Epidemic, wherein he visits the small French town of Lozère and uncovers its hidden secrets...

(formerly published as "Episodic Sleep Disorders")

Beware, beware, the beast of Lozère!
Who lurks in your dreams, and knows how to scare
You will freeze at the sight of strange dancing at night
And the dead, in their coffins, still stare.

A menacing wolf is terrorizing the village of Lozère. A beautiful young girl has lost her family and her best friend to this nightmare when Sparrow shows up with his characteristic curiosity.
But all is not as it seems in this cold mountain village, where the beasts are like men and the men are like beasts.

Sparrow came to Lozère to tell stories, but he stayed for the stories Lozère told him...

Currently available in paperback, e-book and audiobook!


To experience the story in the way the author intended, by listening to it in his own narrated voice!


For those who value the story more than the book.


To add to your Sparrow bookshelf collection.

What fans think of Lucid Drinking:

"Episodic Sleep Disorders was quick, intriguing, dark mystery with vivid description and eerie setting. I recommend this book to fans of short stories."
- Yesha, book reviewer at Books Teacup and Reviews
"An ominous shadow lingers in the background of every page."
- Lisa Binion, editor at Lisa's Writopia