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Read Carried Away, the hair-raising pandemic thriller wherein Sparrow narrowly escapes a deadly disease and the contagious cats that carry it.

The story


In the midst of a deadly global disease, sometimes it's hard to say which is worse: the pandemic, or the pandemonium.

Sparrow is visiting Italy, just trying to enjoy a decent pizza, when the locals start dropping dead from a mysterious disorder. Soon, he's caught up in rampant rumors, a panicking population, and a competition to find the cure.

All the while, he's fighting off ferocious felines and defending himself from hospital patients who are definitely not zombies. Zombies aren't real.

But cats are real. And you'll never look at Whiskers the same way again.

You can't spell catastrophe without C-A-T.

Currently Available in e-book and paperback.


For those who value the story more than the book.


To add to your Sparrow bookshelf collection.

Hear from our readers


Larema Dixon

Author of The Ice Queen Chronicles

"[Haines] factually explores the psychology and science behind pandemics and the rapid chaos that follows in their wake, all while parodying the Covid-19 pandemic and the global response in a fun and gripping tale."

C. Borden

Author of Mythnium

"[Haines] did so much of what [Michael] Crichton did so well - made science interesting, thought-provoking, and fun."