A gun and three-of-a-kind
always beats three-of-a-kind

Read Blowing Smoke, the rip-roaring western wherein Sparrow foils a posse of villainous scoundrels.

It seems that no matter what game Sparrow plays, the cards are stacked against him.

Soon after he steps off a Mississippi steamer, Sparrow makes three regrettable transactions, and finds himself on the run from bankers, bounty hunters, and other bad guys.

But when he finds that the posse chasing him is also harassing an innocent young lady and her family, he decides that it's time to make his stand.

Drink, swear, steal and lie - those are the new rules of the game.

Currently available in paperback and e-book.


For those who value the story more than the book.


To add to your Sparrow bookshelf collection.

What fans think of Blowing Smoke:

Patrick LeClerc

Author of The Immortal Vagabond Healer

"[Blowing Smoke] is fast paced, filled with action and enjoyable characters, and manages to sneak in quite a few bits of history."

Sam Accardi

Author of The Chronicles Of Enayra

"[Haines] definitely knows how to tell a story, and I will happily be checking out the rest of the Sparrow series--as should anyone else who loves creative story telling, a vibrant cast of sympathetic characters that stay with you after you're done, and a protagonist that can only be described as a modern day trickster-hero right of out the old mythologies (in all the best ways!)."